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Find Serenity in Marrakech with Riad Danka

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Disclaimer: Thank you Riad Danka for hosting us as your guests. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

Marrakech, once a bustling imperial city on the western border of Morocco, is now a major economic center that is home to colorful souqs, holy mosques, grandiose palaces, and manicured gardens. Its most prized possession, however, is its ever evolving medina.

The medina is a densely packed city comprised of narrow alleys and ancient walls dating back to the medieval Berber Empire where souqs (marketplaces) sell fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, leather goods, lanterns, and jewelry. The maze-like medina boasts lemon gardens and grandiose courtyards with the smell of spices, orange blossoms, and fresh mint filling the air. You can’t help but feel alive in its presence, as this old world city thrives with each new coming day.

Set in the heart of this wondrous place is Riad Danka. A beautiful reprieve nestled amidst the medina walls, located just 3 minutes from Spice Square; this is the epitome of lavish Moroccan design in a modernized chic setting, boasting bright patios, a heated swimming pool and a raised rooftop terrace with jacuzzi, overlooking the medina below and nearby Koutoubia mosque. Riad Danka perfectly counterbalances the endless energy of the medina with its tranquil atmosphere and accommodating staff.


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