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For years, we kept finding ourselves circling back on this same question: Is there more to this life than working a 9 to 5? Sitting at a desk day after day for weeks on end?

Don't get us wrong, we were extremely happy to have our successful careers (Lindsay, a California girl working in Production and Alexis, a Project Manager originally from France) but our lives lacked the freedom we craved.

So we risked it all, and gave up everything to be free, to explore, to roam as we please and see places we'd once only read about in books. We took our lives into our own hands and began to write our own story so we could share that journey with you.

We are just a foreigner and a broad exploring the world together one day at a time. Follow our journey as we take you through an unforgettable experience that will leave you awe inspired and wanting more! We’re showing our viewers that you can do this too! All it requires is a leap of faith, but trust us when we tell you it’s a leap worth taking!


Lindsay skateboarding in Santa Barbara

Born in New York, raised in Seattle, with a college scholarship to play soccer in California… I’ve covered some serious ground in the U.S. But life somehow keeps getting better, and now the world's my playground. I have a wicked sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t sit still, and secretly wish I was a DJ, but traveling the world with my ridiculously good looking husband is panning out to be an awesome alternative. Oh and people tell me I’m funny so I consider that a win win. You’ll have to meet me in person to decide for yourself but I tend to not disappoint. 

Alexis biking in Mammoth, California

My thirst for travel started early... I moved from France to the U.S. when I was 12 and have been living a nomadic lifestyle since! I met my beautiful wife in 2013 and realized traveling together was so much better. From mountain biking to drifting dune buggies, snowboarding fresh powder to cliff jumping... I'm the adrenaline junkie in our duo and always push the envelope to find the next greatest adventure. My goals when traveling are: experience different cultures, eat as much street food as possible, and meet new people to share in our travel adventures. 

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