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Munduk Moding Plantation Activities in Bali

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Disclaimer: Thank you to Munduk Moding Plantation for hosting us as your guests. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation Nature Resort and Spa embodies the very essence of unspoiled natural beauty. This resort offers unparalleled luxury and opulence like no other. Nestled in the rolling hills of Bali’s central mountains, this resort boasts lavish gardens, jungle clad ravines, and a world famous infinity pool.

But what made this place exceptionally spectacular was that it also serves as a working coffee plantation where beans are planted, harvested, and roasted on site. Tropical fruits, flowers, and vegetables are also grown here, making this a fully self-sustaining resort that delights the palates and senses of its guests each day.

During our stay, we enjoyed countless activities onsite such as swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and coffee roasting. At Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation, we found seclusion from the bustling cities and genuinely relaxed far from the crowds. For coffee and nature lovers alike, this remote luxury estate is the perfect place to unwind and embrace the serenity surrounding you.

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