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A Balinese Home Away From Home

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Casa Luna Doorway

Disclaimer: Thank you to Casa Luna Honeymoon Guesthouse for hosting us as your guests. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

We love staying at places that have a unique and personalized backstory. It’s always inspiring for us to hear how a place came to be, and the history behind one’s humble beginnings. That’s why we were immediately drawn towards the Casa Luna Honeymoon Guesthouse in Ubud, Bali. Their story began in 1987 when they were just a small town bakery. The success of the bakery quickly grew and over time flourished into a charming small hotel. Their overall vision was to create a place for people to come that felt like home, where the heart and soul could truly be free and find happiness. Upon hearing this, we knew this was the perfect place for us.

Their Balinese style bungalows are set in a beautiful tropical garden setting that looks very similar to a Balinese family compound with separate units throughout the property and one main temple for ceremonies and worship. We had never seen a place so historically traditional; we immediately loved their authenticity and homage to local traditions and culture.

Upon check in, we were greeted with welcome drinks: iced hibiscus tea with lime. It was the perfect combination of tangy and sweet to satiate our thirst. After finishing our teas we were then escorted to our own private Balinese bungalow that included a queen bed made of batik and hand woven cottons with our own private terrace for afternoon tea. We felt right at home immediately.

And if you know us, you know our favorite place with each property we visit is of course the pool. There’s nothing like taking a dip on a hot day into those cold refreshing waters. If you’ve been to Bali, you know a hot day ... is every day... so the pool is a perfect way to escape the heat. The surrounding lush gardens, also proved for a stunning backdrop, encapsulating us into a lavish jungle oasis.

Casa Luna Pool from Drone

Aside from the charming grounds and surrounding gardens, one thing that sets Casa Luna Honeymoon Guesthouse apart from our other hotel stays is their award winning breakfast. Their mission is to keep guests fed by serving lavish home cooked breakfasts and baked goods in a colorful, comforting Balinese setting. And we can say first hand mission accomplished!!! Each day, we happily gorged ourselves on various delights like avocado toast with tomatoes, lemon and basil on sourdough bread, poached eggs with spinach, leek and aioli on freshly baked english muffins, and oven-roasted granola with banana milk and homemade yogurt. Our palates were overcome with flavors as we enjoyed savory, fresh local ingredients with each waking day.

The Honeymoon Guesthouse also offered a plethora of activities for guests to choose from, like spa treatments, yoga, cycling, food tours and more, but what we found to be most notable was their Casa Luna Cooking School. Here you can discover the secrets of Balinese food with Janet DeNeefe and her team as you explore the techniques and fascinating kitchen myths of the Balinese culture followed by a lavish feast of traditional local items like chicken satay, mie goreng and black rice pudding.

Casa Luna Restaurant

From the moment we arrived to Casa Luna Honeymoon Guesthouse, we felt we were provided with a high standard of commitment and service. We got to experience true hospitality and genuine friendship from our staff - which is what the Balinese people are famous for. If you’ve stayed here once, you’re certain to return, and we most definitely plan on it!

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