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Take Refuge in El Molle

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Refugio El Molle Banner

When you are searching for that perfect hotel to meet all your needs for an upcoming vacation, what do you typically seek? For some it may be the location, for others the decor, but for us, we prefer a place that provides its customers with five star personalized service and we found just that with Refugio El Molle | Hotel Boutique, Cabañas & SPA.

Refugio El Molle Overhead View

From the moment we stepped foot in the lobby, we were provided with exceptional, unparalleled service. After our brief check in, we were given a private tour of the property grounds that consisted of a large circular garden with freshly planted flowers and a tapestry of stone. The soft chirping of birds hummed in the distance as we wove our way through the various sections of floral gardens and orchards.

Settling into our room, we dropped off our bags and changed into our bathing suits for some much needed relaxation at the spa. With unlimited access to their dry sauna, steam baths, and hot tub, we had all the time in the world to decompress in the amenities surrounding us.

With the sun casting its golden rays on an empty beach, we made our way to the pool for a private swim in its crystal clear waters. Cold and refreshing, it was the perfect remedy for a hot day.

Once showered, we headed for the hotel's on site restaurant - Los Hornitos del Molle; a renowned restaurant in the Coquimbo Region, which offers a gastronomic menu of Chile’s signature cuisine, along with wine, beer, and Pisco from the region. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were fully included during our stay and we found the food to be simply exquisite.

The favorite part to our stay however occurred in the evening once dinner had concluded. Every night we looked forward to sitting by the outdoor fire, under the stars; trying our hand in various Piscos, we’d grab a glass (or two) and sit in awe under one of the world’s clearest skies.

Refugio El Molle was alluring from the start. Surrounded by enchanting landscapes, and absolute luxury we found ourselves never wanting to leave. This was the perfect place to rejuvenate and revitalize ourselves from the constant hustle and bustle of travel.

If ever visiting the Elqui Valley - Refugio El Molle | Hotel Boutique, Cabañas & SPA is a must see. Allow yourself to truly disconnect in a place known for its natural beauty: mountainous terrain, cool natural pools, and star studded skies … you will be glad you added this to your list of to do’s. I know we were!!!

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