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Tunics in Thailand

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Lindsay at the Phi Phi Islands

Miss Tunica is a fashion brand that embodies the very definition of sexy beach chic. With beautiful bold colored tunics and accessories, you’re guaranteed to find a contemporary take on fashionable fabrics that can be used in the most versatile locations.

Let’s be real, at the beach you typically aren’t wearing much but why not make what you are wearing stylish and fun? Whether it’s soft sanded white beaches, sailing the open seas, or lunch-ing in town, accessorize your daily look with a hint of color to make you feel fan-freaking-tastic no matter what the occasion.

My all time favorite was the PALOMA - Black Diamond tunic. This tunic was incredibly flattering while also making me feel like I had a sultry edge. Between the handmade sequin neckline, the short sleeves and the chiffon frame, this tunic was nothing short from divine.

For a day of sailing I opted for the NIKKI - Coral Jazz. This was a shorter cut tunic with long sleeves and a deep sequined v-neck which I found to be the perfect choice for a day on the water. I didn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or coverage. The feminine details on this tunic were the perfect touch of glitz with beach glam.

As we explored various islands in Thailand, I found the PALOMA - Caribbean Aqua quite suiting for our adventures. Between frolicking in and out of the water, grabbing a tropical beverage at the bar, or lounging at the beach, the versatility of this tunic was absolute perfection. I was able to change in and out of each setting with ease, and knew no matter where we’d go to next I’d be looking fashionably glamorous and chic.

Miss Tunica delivered on its promise for incredible style, comfort and quality - creating tunics that enhance women's individuality and personal style. Regardless of shape and size, you’ll be able to find the perfect print for you without sacrificing your own creativity and style. When you look good, you feel good, so why wait? See for yourself at on how fabulous these tunics can be!


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