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Home Sweet Home - in Cusco

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Wiñay Wayna Ruins

When we travel, we constantly strive for an authentic experience. To truly be embedded in a city’s culture and live as the locals do. There’s something about the sound of the city streets where children are laughing and playing, the soft hum of music in the distance, and the aroma of spices filling the air. That’s what we strive for and that’s just what we found with this adorable AirBnB in Cusco, Peru.

If you’re wondering where Cusco is, it’s actually nestled amidst the Andes mountain range. Visiting this place has been a bucket list item of ours for years, so to say we were excited to come here is an understatement. As we approached our destination, our eyes were glued to the plane’s windows. Soaring over the mountainous terrain, the vast beauty before us displayed vibrant hues of burnt orange and olive green. Once we landed, we grabbed our bags and headed outside to be greeted by an incredible sunset. Rounding the corner, there was our host, Marco smiling from ear to ear with a sign for “Lindsay & Alexis” to escort us to his home. Talk about top notch service!

On the way to our destination, Marco filled us in on Cusco’s history, updated us on the weather, and provided us with helpful tips to make our stay more enjoyable. Upon arrival, Marco gave us the grand tour of his 3 bedroom, 3 bath home before showing us the most important thing we’d need for the next few days… “coca leaves.”

You see, Cusco sits at a monstrous elevation of about 3,400 meters (that’s 11,200 feet) so for many travelers passing through, the first 2-3 days can cause altitude sickness (with symptoms like headache, nausea and fatigue). But not on Marco’s watch! He had a huge bag of coca leaves waiting for us to make coca tea for the next few days since it’s locally known to ease altitude sickness. Let’s just say we drank A LOT!!!

Coca tea kept us going!

Once we were settled in, our 6 day / 5 night stay flew by. The home was incredibly spacious - we were able to cook with ease in our large kitchen and were only a 2 block walk from Plazavea, which felt like the Home Depot of grocery stores, so we had a plethora of food options. The entire house was sparkling clean and had all the amenities you could ever ask for, including high speed wifi, TV, washer/dryer, and even a fireplace for those chilly nights.

The city of Cusco and its surrounding areas are packed with historical attractions like the Sacred Valley, Maras Moray, and of course, the iconic Machu Picchu; and our home was centrally located near all of it. This homestay was all that we had hoped it would be and more. Marco was such a warm and accommodating host and his home will be a place we recommend for a lifetime.

We found ourselves a new home, made new adventures, and best of all, we made a new friend. If you’re looking for the same when visiting Cusco, look no further; this AirBnB is a perfect match!


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