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A Day of Adventure in Grindelwald, Switzerland!

Escape the ordinary and do something exciting with this life you've been given. That's what we did when we went to Switzerland this past month and we can't wait to share our perfect adrenaline filled day with you.

For an all-inclusive thrill, check out Grindelwald First to experience their Mountain Top Adventure - offering adrenaline junkies an exhilarating range of activities that include a scenic Cliff Walk, First Glider Zipline, Mountain Cart Racing, and a Trottibike Scooter descent through rolling green pastures and flower laden meadows.

Follow that up with a Pfingstegg Tin Toboggan Ride. This 736 meter track descends a whopping 58 meters in a matter of minutes and can quickly reach speeds up to 40 km/h. It’s an absolute rush for any age as you drift down tin chutes nestled amidst the hillside, with snow covered mountain peaks gleaming like crystals in the distance, under blue sunny skies. The Pfingstegg Toboggan is seasonal however, and can only be experience May - October so plan your trip accordingly.


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