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Climbing the Ritoque Dunes with Terraventura Outdoor

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Chile has rightfully earned its title as one of the best adventure countries for tourism, and for good reason. Chile is the perfect place for adventure seeking individuals. From skiing down mountains and volcanoes to scuba diving, surfing, trekking and more, Chile has it all; so naturally the hubby and I wanted to dive right in to our next adventure and we did just that with Terraventura Outdoor.

Terraventura Outdoor offers an off-roading experience on the famous Ritoque Sand Dunes, located near Valparaíso for a full day dose of adrenaline! Our guide Waldo took us on the trek of a lifetime: conquering massive dunes, racing along the coast, and discovering Chile's unique terrain.

Terraventura Outdoor prides themselves on providing adventure seekers with thrilling outdoor activities such as Offroading, River Rafting, and Mountain Biking. Their mission is to share their love for nature and action sports and create personalized experiences across Chile's incredibly vast landscapes.

As if off-roading sand dunes wasn't exhilarating enough, Waldo gave us one of a kind service by digging a fire pit in the sand and barbecued two beautifully seasoned cuts of lamb with a full bottle of Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for us to enjoy as we overlooked grass covered sand dunes leading to the beach. We felt so free, to do as we please and enjoy the perfection of our surroundings. The entire day felt like a group of friends enjoying a shared adventure versus the typical overcrowded tours we are all too familiar with. Terraventura Outdoor provided us with an experience we will never forget!

When you visit Chile, we highly recommend you schedule a tour with Terraventura Outdoor to explore the countryside and surrounding areas in style and get a one of kind personalized experience just like we did!

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